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Pelican SIBOS 2017 Tororto
KBC sibos Toronto 2017
INIT uitp Montreal 2017
Chemring AUSA
Nucleus SIBOS15
Nucleus SIBOS11
AEG Sibos
Jetex NBAA

Effective Design, Management & Build, On Budget, Anywhere 

Exhibiting in North America is a powerful and effective part of your global marketing strategy, but costs can be confusing.

• Drayage costs?

• Rigging charges?

• Union Labor? 

• Straight time?

• Overtime?

• Electrical installation? 

The Project Partnership helps you  to the

most cost effective solution though

efficiency in design and execution.

North American exhibits must be

pre-manufactured to keep install/dismantle labour hours to a minimum. 

Avoid overtime, prefabricate exhibits offsite, light-weight construction, crate and ship to site ready for quick installation and dismantling.

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